Ecomatik DDS2 – Dendometry



Large Diameter Radial Dendrometer (Diameter 3-30 cm)


Sensor for measuring the contractions and dilatations of the trunk of the crop per day. It allows to know the state of health of the plant.

The model is suitable for a diameter of 0-5 cm.

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The dendrometers of the DD-S series are used for continuous, high-precision measurement of stem diameter changes.
These devices are suitable for long-term applications in outdoor conditions. Due to their extremely low energy consumption, the Ecomatik dendrometers
are ideal for battery-powered solutions, e.g. in IoT applications.
DD-S dendrometers are specially designed for small trees and branches as well as for agricultural plants (diameter <5 cm). The optimised mounting of the device allows a stable installation without exerting excessive pressure on the measuring point. In this way, DD-S dendrometers provide stable readings even on very small and herbaceous plants.


  • Operating temperature: -25°C to 70°C|
  • Metrica: Trunk size Rango: 0 and 5cm
  • Accuracy: ±4.5 %
  • Feeding: 0.5 a 10 VDC


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