Ecomatik DDL1 – Dendometry



Large Diameter Radial Dendrometer (Diameter 3-30 cm)


Sensor for trunk caliper measurement.

The model is suitable for a diameter of 3-30 cm.

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The dendrometers of the DD-L series are used for continuous, high-precision measurement of stem diameter changes.
The devices are suitable for long-term outdoor applications.
Thanks to their extremely low power consumption, Ecomatik dendrometers are ideal sensors for battery-powered solutions, for example,
in IoT applications.
The dendrometers of the DD-L series are specially designed for small to medium-sized stems and branches (with diameters ranging from 3 to 30 cm; DD-L1W),
maximum diameter of 20 cm).
The dendrometers of the DD series are attached to the measuring objects with two UV-resistant elastic bands.
This simple and very stable mounting method allows the sensor to be fixed to the desired measuring point without exerting excessive pressure on the surface of the luggage compartment.

The DD-L series Dendrometers are available in three versions:

  • DD-L1: has a measuring range of 11 mm for species with slow and medium growth rates.
  • DD-L2: has a measuring range greater than 25 mm for fast-growing species.
  • DD-L3: has a measuring range greater than 50 mm for very fast growing species.


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