Last February 28th, Encore Lab obtained the Sigfox Ready® certification for its new product Cesens-mini.

Cesens-mini is a low-cost device whose main functionality is data collection from the field. These data are processed in the cloud with the aim to help farmers and agricultural companies to make better decisions, regarding to crop management, in the right moment.

Cesens-mini is based on low-consumption technologies what implies an important step forward for the introduction of IoT in the agriculture sector. Thanks to the Sigfox communication protocol, the needed energy consumption for sending data remotely is drastically reduced. This fact results in lower sized batteries and low-cost energy generation systems or even not needing to include one, which allows a long-lasting autonomy with minimum maintenance requirements. Cesens-mini has been incorporated to the integral solution Cesens®, a decision-making support platform for the crops, that is already being used by some of the most important wineries within the D.O. Rioja.

The new system has been developed for more than a year thanks to the European Union support through the EuroCPS initiative, which is a part of the main UE’s program for supporting research, Horizon 2020.
Along with Encore Lab, the French research centre CEA-Leti and the semiconductor manufacturer ST Microelectronics have taken part in the development of this new system.

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