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Accurately control your crops state

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Optimize the production and reduce cost improving your crops management

With Cesens® you will be able to collect information from your crops in real time so that you can take the correct decisions

Cesens® is an Agro climatic Information System for taking decisions in agriculture
It is based on stations that collect data from crops to get added value information like infection risk or irrigation need.

Estaciones de Cesens


The agro climatic stations are installed in the cultivation plots and send collected real time data to the cloud platform

La nube de Cesens


The cloud platform gets data collected from the field and process them, obtaining high value information for the agriculture technicians

Las aplicaciones de Cesens


All the Cesens® features and information are available from any kind of device, in any part of the world

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Apply treatments only when it is really needed

Cesens® allows you to know about the pest and disease infection risk

Water your plots at the optimum moment and extent

Cesens® monitors water stress and / or volumetric water content in soil


Cesens® has a powerful alert system that is completely configurable


Cesens® allows you to configure periodic reports with all the information available.


It performs agro climatic variable and phenological state tracking


Check your historical data, you can also compare them with the previous seasons

Do you want that a Cesens® specialist contacts you?

Several features

Dispositivos Cesens


Cesens® has an API that facilitates the integration of agroclimatic information with other systems such as ERPs or field notebooks.

Climate, plant and soil

It monitors the entire agroclimatic range in your crops: keep updated of the state of the climate, your plants and your farm soils.

Quality support

One of our distinguishing features is that we work in close collaboration with our clients and we are able to solve any problem quickly.

Continuous improvement

We keep Cesens® in continuous development to deliver improvements and new functionalities constantly.

Autonomous stations

Cesens® stations generate their own energy and are able to send the registered data automatically so you do not have to worry about anything.

Direct data sending

Our agroclimatic stations send data by themselves to the Cesens® Cloud Platform, without the need for additional devices nor systems.

The most user-friendly app

We work to deliver the maximum functionality in the easiest way possible: access the information you are interested in without wasting time.

Web and mobile environment

Cesens® counts with web and mobile applications that you can use depending on your needs or preferences.

Weather forecast

Not only do we provide you with the information recorded by agroclimatic stations, but we also include weather forecast data.

Phenological monitoring

Cesens® monitors the evolution of your crops: it analyzes and compares current season with previous ones and draw conclusions that will help you improve.


Some of the customers who already trust Cesens®

Your crops quality seal that will make you sell more

A quality crop will help you to sell your product. The Cesens® seal ensures concern and investment in quality crops.

Sello de Cesens
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Agroclimatic station in your farm

The perfect solution to start monitoring your crops.
Choose a pack with Cesens® station mini + 4 sensors

pack clima

Pack clima

  • Pluviometer
  • Leaf wetness sensor
  • Sensor of Tª and Hª
  • Cesens® software license and Sigfox® / GSM connectivity for 1 year.

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pack clima

Pack Suelo

  • Pluviometer
  • Humidity sensor 2 depths
  • Sensor of Tª and Hª
  • Cesens® software license and Sigfox® / GSM connectivity for 1 year.

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