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Know precisely the status of your crops.

Cesens® is an agro-climatic information system to support decision making in agriculture.

It is based on stations that gather data from the crops for obtaining added-value information such as the risk of infection or the need of water.

Cesens<sup>®</sup> station on the field


Cesens® agro-climatic stations are placed in the cultivation parcels and they gather and send data to the cloud platform in real time.

Cesens<sup>®</sup> cloud platform


The cloud platform receives the data gathered in the fields and process them, obtaining high-value information for the agronomists.

Cesens<sup>®</sup> en cualquier multidispositivo


All the information and functionality provided by Cesens® is accessible from any type of device and anywhere in the world.

Did you know…

…having precise agro-climatic information is essential for making the best decisions within the management of any type of crop?

Cesens® gives to the agronomists the ability of knowing the actual status of each cultivation parcel, what allows them to optimize the management and to reduce costs.

Agriculture of the 21st century

A more precise and efficient agriculture.

Risk of infection


Cesens® lets you know the risk of infection of pests and diseases for you to apply their treatments only when it is necessary.

Need for watering


Cesens® monitors the hydric stress and/or volumetric water content of the ground so you can water your crops in the optimal quantity and moment.

Evolution of the crop


With Cesens® you can control the evolution of your crops taking into account any agro-climatic variable and phenological stage.

History of the crop


Cesens® stores all the information of your crops and lets you query historical data, even compare them with those of previous seasons.

Don’t miss anything

Cesens® watches your crops for you.

Customized alerts


We know you are really busy, and so Cesens® warns you whenever something important occurs.

Cesens® has a powerful, fully-configurable alert system that allows you to be aware of what’s happening in your crops in real time, from anywhere.

Custom-taylored reports


Keep track of the evolution of your crops in the simplest way: from your e-mail.

Cesens® allows you to configure periodical reports with the information you consider most valuable for the tracking of your crops. Just choose the data you want to receive and the periodicity.

Big advantages

Optimize the use of pesticides and water with Cesens®.

Obtain better quality harvests

Better quality

Reducing the use of pesticides and watering at the appropriate moment allows you to obtain healthier and better harvests.

Reduce your production costs

Lower costs

Watering and applying treatments at the right moment instead of doing it in advance supposes big savings in production costs.

Be more environmentally friendly

Environmental care

Sustainable management of water and pesticides lets you reduce environment pollution and preserve the hydric resources.

In-depth view

You have never had so much information about your crops.

315,506,744 Data gathered
72 Types of sensor
15 Direct metrics
18 Derived metrics
5 Predictive models


Some of the customers who already trust Cesens®

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As part of our commitment to the evolution of agriculture, we offer you free of charge all Cesens® functionality to work with data from public stations. Among other things you can:


Receive alerts: forecast frost, rain, wind…


Configure automatic reports

Weather forecasting

Check the weather forecast


Analyze data using interactive graphs

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