Fernando Peregrina Alonso, Doctor in Agricultural Engineering, conducted the seminar “Remote agro-climatic monitoring systems and their application for calculation of irrigation” that took place at the Technical University of Madrid last 3rd November. The seminar was specifically aimed at teachers and students of Integrated Laboratory of Agri-environmental Analysis.

During this event, the advantages of Cesens agro-climatic stations, developed by Encore-Lab, were evaluated. The reliability of the data gathered and their processing for a later transformation in useful information was emphasized.

Fernando presented a practical case with real data of one of the stations of the company, which is installed in a vineyard at DOCa Rioja. Using Cesens’ web-application the water profile of the soil was analyzed at different depths. This information is vitally important for the decision making of the irrigation management.

During the final round of questions, very interesting inquiries raised regarding irrigation automatization, something that can be carried out with Cesens technology.