Source: ADER Entrepise Europe Network

The Economic Development Agency of La Rioja has published, through the Enterprise Europe Network portal (EEN) the news about Encore Lab’s latest device, Cesens Mini. You can read the article below:

Use case RIOHUB Industry 4.0: Encore Lab offers an agro-climatic information system for decision making support in agriculture.
The SME from La Rioja, Encore Lab has already at disposal the Cesens system which consist of an agro-climatic station network able to monitor in real time, individual crop parcels. Encore Lab is now launching Cesens Mini, a data collecting system using low energy consuming technologies like the communication protocol Sigfox, a fact that allows having more control points and a more precise crop management. Cesens has been the first digital technology use case applied to industries from La Rioja presented to the RIOHUB project.
Every station includes different sensors to measure environmental temperature and humidity, soil temperature and moisture, air pressure, solar radiation, leaf wetness, rainfall level and wind speed.

These data are processed in a cloud platform the farmer can access to from any browser to check the historical data and customized statistics selecting the desired parameters and time periods. Cesens also includes a notification service that allows the user to define the alerts to receive in case a parameter exceed certain values, including derived metrics such as the thermal integral or the risk of disease in the plant.

Acquisition nodes’ cost reduction through Cesens Mini, allows having more control points and a more precise crop management. Cesens Mini has been developed with European financing from the sub program EuroCPS (Horizon 2020). For its development Encore Lab has collaborated with the French reference centre in embedded systems CEA-Leti and with the semiconductor manufacturer ST Microelectronics. This way, Encore Lab has become the first SME from La Rioja to incorporate in its products the IOT specific information transmission technology, protocol Sigfox.
By using Cesens, farmers and agrofood industries with a primary own production will be able to optimize their products’ quality as they reduce the exploitation costs, and even obtaining a valuable and very useful information for their products’ traceability. Among the advantages of this system we can count its reliability, its low cost, the automatic continuous monitoring, the water and phytosanitary product (up to 58%) use reduction, chemical wastes reduction, obtaining a healthier harvest, etc.