Valdemar Winery

cesens valdemar

A legend made drop by drop

Five generations working with their own vineyards to produce unique wines. The passion of the Valdemar family has always started from the same place: the land and our own vineyards. To offer consumers wines that express the diversity of our vineyards, which now cover more than 300 hectares in the three sub-zones of the Rioja Designation of Origin.

At Valdemar they look to the future from the present, with maturity but with vitality, because they know that they do not go out of fashion, that quality remains, that good things are valued, that to be classic is not to be old or ancient, but to remain beyond fashions and epochs. We have the responsibility of a centennial history that we must pass on to the next generation. valdemar-logo


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15 March, 2021