Pagos de Valdefradas

cesens pagos de valdefradas

The environment where the vine lives

The Pagos de Valdefradas estate is divided into two-hectare sectors, depending on the type of soil, and is irrigated and fertilized by drip irrigation. “The soil is analyzed so that the most suitable plant for each type of soil can be planted,” explains the winegrower. Then the clone has to be decided, which will determine the quality of the grape and the root pattern, which will depend on the soil.

In the high ribera, at an altitude of 900 meters, the wineries look for cooler soils, where the temperature ranges are wider between day and night, which causes stress on the plant that is then reflected in the grapes. José García has opted for quality. He has chosen clones of low production but high quality, because “the idea is to harvest everything by hand.



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15 March, 2021