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Iberian Smart Financial Agro

Isfa is an agricultural project management company (SES – Sustainable Efficient System) dedicated to the development, investment and management of efficient and sustainable agricultural projects. The objective is to develop a portfolio of 5,000 hectares of intensive almond farms under the SES (Sustainable Efficient System) cultivation system in Spain and Portugal and to be one of the largest almond producers in Iberia.

The SES almond tree cultivation system (efficient and sustainable system) and hedgerow format means:

  • 35% water savings per Hectare with respect to irrigated cereal substitute crops (corn or rice).
  • 20% water saving per Kg of almond kernel produced compared to intensive almond tree cultivation.
  • 60% savings in phytosanitary products compared to intensive almond tree cultivation (one of the objectives adopted in the European Union’s 2020 proposal).
  • Planting of 2,500 trees per hectare (10,000,000 trees in 3 years), helping to repopulate the woody mass, to improve the environment and to combat CO2 emissions (objectives of the European Union’s 2020 proposal).


isfa cesens


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25 May, 2021