Verdtech Plantsens – Dendometry



Stem dendrometer


Sensor for measuring the contractions and dilatations of the trunk of the crop per day. It allows to know the state of health of the plant.

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Dendrometry correlates with the plant’s active processes at each phenological moment (vegetative development, generation of reserves, fruit fattening, controlled stress) and its set of indicators allows daily understanding of the plant’s vigour and stress trends and provides complex information capable of being converted into simple, customisable indicators for preventive and control decisions.


  • Operating temperature: -40ºC a 85ºC
  • Metric: Calibre de tronco
  • Rank: Hasta 7000 micras

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H0 (3-20mm), H1 (20-80mm), H2 (50-150), P1 (+ 120mm)


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