Kit Clima



Protect your crop optimally.

Control the climate and maximise the efficiency of your crops thanks to our monitoring system.

The pack includes

Cesens mini Station + Encore THP Sensor (Temperature, Relative Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure + Solar Radiation Protection) + Leaf Moisture Sensor + Solar Radiation Sensor + Rain Gauge + Connectivity and First Year Licence.


Protect your crop optimally.

With this device, you can accurately calculate the Evapotranspiration of your crop with specific data from your farm. Carry out seasonal or period-specific water balances.

You will get your own local forecast and graphs to see virtually all weather variables for the last 24 hours, days or years.

You will learn how to use bioclimatic parameters (thermal integral, chilling hours, accumulated degree-days, etc.), which allow you to correlate the behaviour of your crop with climatic conditions, and thus understand how each variable affects production.

You will be able to set frost and disease alerts (only predictive models that do not use HF foliar wetting are available).

Thanks to the metric called “Application Window” you will be able to know the ideal moment to carry out phytosanitary treatments, reducing volatilisation, washing and drift problems.

The pack includes

Cesens mini + Encore THP Sensor (Temperature, Relative Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure) + Solar radiation protection + Leaf wetness sensor + Solar radiation sensor + Rain gauge + Connectivity and First year licenceo.


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