Cesens Nano Station



Ideal for the monitoring of specific and localised parameters.os.


Cesens® Nano stations are very easy to install: they are designed so that anyone can do it. Just connect the sensors and follow a few steps from the Cesens® mobile app to activate it.


Cesens® Nano stations are completely autonomous: they generate and store their own energy thanks to a solar panel and a battery included. They also have a modem that allows them to send data by themselves, without the need for other devices.

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Sensors per station

  • The Cesens® Nano stations have 2 universal connectors to which any type of sensor can be connected.

Electrical characteristics

  • The Cesens® Nano stations have an integrated solar panel and a LiFePO4 battery. It is possible to integrate other sensors in addition to those listed in this catalog, as long as they are compatible with the electrical characteristics of the station.

Communication technologies

  • GSM, Sigfox, LoRa, LoRa WAN, NB-IoT y GNSS.

Backup in case of failure

  • Cesens® Nano stations store the last 255 data readings so that they can be forwarded in the event of a communications failure. They are IP-67 rated, which guarantees total protection against dust and pressurised water.

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GSM, LoRa Cesens, LoRa WAN, Sigfox


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