The magazine and plant health specialized publishing house PHITOMA in colaboration with La Rioja’s Government, will celebrate a meeting in Riojaforum (Logroño) next March 29th and 30th, 2017. Cesens® will attend this event with special interest as our monitoring technology helps detecting possible diseases in crops and vineyards.

[Source: Web PHYTOMA]
After the first meeting PHYTOMA-Spain Vine and Wine, held in Valencia in December 2015, it was made clear that “wine is made in the vineyard” being the vine health an essential and key fact in order to obtain excellent quality wines. Integrated pest management implementation is an important challenge for vineyard protection, what contributes to the development of innovative tools and methods for the sustainable pest and disease handling, that minimize the negative impact inadequate use of pesticides may have over human health and environment.

In this second event, Phytoma vine and wine will approach, from a practical point of view, the current state of the new tools and strategies for vine protection that research has provided the sector with, as well as the future perspectives of new alternatives that are in an advanced stage of development.

  • The first topic approached will be the main potential threats for the Spanish vineyard, a serious issue that threats the vines. Some of these threats are the grapevine flavescence, vine wood diseases or xylella fastidiosa.
  • The second topic related to integrated vineyard protection, will approach pest control, diseases and weeds in the vine from the current perspective of an integrated vineyard management. New control tools, which will be part of the third topic approached, will complement the other topics, speaking about more innovative methods for vineyard protection as the use of biological control agents, drone usage, decision support systems able to optimize choices when it comes to apply the phytosanitary products, dose adjustment by sensor usage, etc. The meeting will end with a practical tour to a vineyard and a winery, where the implementation of many aspects presented in the meeting will be shown.