The government of La Rioja has convened and informative conference about “Aids for innovative cooperation activities” on April 4th in the conference hall of the Institutional Winery of La Grajera (Logroño, La Rioja).

  • 9.30 h Attendant reception.
  • 10.00 h Conference openingÍñigo Nagore Ferrer. Agriculture, Farming and Environment Counselor.
  • 10.15 h European Association for Innovation. Measures for cooperation in PNDR. Operative Group creation. Isabel Bombal Díaz. Spokeswoman. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment.
  • 11.00 h Government of La Rioja’s aids for innovative cooperation activitiesPablo Alonso Tafalla. Agricultural engineer. Department of Agriculture, Farming and Environment. Government of La Rioja.
  • 11.45 h Coffee Break.
  • 12.15 h Role of the national rural network in innovation boostCarolina Gutiérrez Ansotegui. General Subdirector of Exploitation Upgrading. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment.
  • 13.00 h Experiences within operative groups.

    The Sistemio Project. The operative group collaboration for phytosanitary treatment reduction in Catalonian vineyards. José María Caballero de la Torre. Director of TAMIC, S.L.

    Alternatives to fungicide treatments applied during the apple and pear postharvest. Josep Maria Pagès i Grau. Former director of IRTA-Mas Badia.

  • 14.00 h Discussion, panel discussion and questions, conclusions and conference closingMª Jesús Miñana Sierra. Agriculture and farming general director.

Entrance is free but confirmation of attendance is manatory. Confirm by sending an email to or by calling +34 941 29 13 91.