Fernando Peregrina, PhD. Agricultural Engineer and team member of Cesens® (Encore-Lab) attended the Fruit Growing Working Day of La Rioja, celebrated last 2nd December in Alfaro (La Rioja).

During the event it was demonstrated that agro climatic information can be very useful for the current challenges of fruit growing.

Cristina Balenciaga, PhD from IRTA (research institute owned by the Government of Catalonia) explained how to determine the pre-harvest climatic conditions for the pear tree. It can help to predict and try to prevent the appearance of brown heart in pears, a quality problem of the fruit that has seriously affected the crops during the last two years.

Besides, Antoni Monturion from Fruttbur showed the need of the use of agro climatic stations to optimize the production of pear in the new crops.
Finally, Ignasi Iglesia, also PhD from IRTA, demonstrated how the new varieties of apple and the market conditions make apple trees an interesting crop for La Rioja. He also explained how the climatic conditions affect the organoleptic properties of apples, and the importance of the selection of varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of the location of the plantation.