Dominio de Nobleza

cesens dominio nobleza

Family winery DOC Rioja

In the center of the Rioja town of Fuenmayor, three decades ago the Dominio de Nobleza winery was born, a name that appeals to its oldest roots. A winery where the dedication and work of a family blend with the traditions, customs and culture of the region, without forgetting the contemporary nuances of today’s winemaking. This winery owns 120 hectares of vineyards, predominantly Tempranillo grapes. The rigorous selection of its grapes and a handcrafted elaboration are the basis of its work, offering wines with great intensity in aroma, prevailing ripe fruit and a touch of French oak barrel wood, with spicy flavors and tannins, being in mouth wide, tasty, ripe and fleshy. dominionobleza

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30 March, 2021