Pack Clima Pack Suelo

Pack Clima


Know the real humidity of

your soil and save resources


The Clima pack is perfect for managing the use of phytosanitary products based on the real needs of the crop. Thanks to our various predictive models (Mildew, Powdery mildew, Botrytis …) you can choose the most appropriate treatment and apply it at the right time.


1.400,0 €


Estación Cesen Mini

Station Cesens® Mini

It collects data from the sensors and sends them to the Cloud Cesens® platform for processing and analysis.



Observe at any time how much it has rained on your farm and decide precisely when to water.

Sensor humectacion foliar

Leaf wetness sensor

Simulate the leaf of your crop to collect moisture data. Fundamental for the prediction of diseases.

Sensor de Tª y Hª

Sensor of Tª and Hª

Sensor protected by sunscreen. Collect temperature and humidity data.

Software y conectividad

Software and connectivity

Cesens® software license and Sigfox®/GSM connectivity for use in Spain for 1 year (For other countries consult rates).



1 year warranty on sensors and station (hardware). Unlimited software support.


The ideal pack to monitor fruit trees, vineyards, wheat fields, and much more with unlimited software license for one year. Always stay up to date with all the news that happens in your farm.



Reduced size

Cesens® Mini stations integrate very well into your crops thanks to their reduced dimensions. Can be placed in the same row of crops sandwiched between trees, vines or bushes.



Cesens® Mini stations are completely autonomous: they generate and store their own energy thanks to their integrated solar panel and battery.They also have a modem that allows them to send the data by themselves, without the need for other devices.


Technical specifications

Action Frecuency
15 min
Sensor reading 30 min
60 min
15 min
Sending data 30 min
60 min


Magnitude Value
Battery voltage 3.2 V
Battery capacity 3.000 mAh
Solar panel voltage 0,5 V
Solar panel power 420 mW
Sensor supply voltages 3 V / 5 V
Current sensor supply 20 mA
Analog-to-digital converter resolution 12 bits



Cesens® Mini stations are very easy to install: they are designed so that anyone can do it.Just connect the sensors and follow a few steps from the Cesens® mobile app to activate it.



Derived metrics

Cesens® processes the data automatically to give you information derived from added value.

Comparison with previous seasons

Repeat actions that worked and correct others to improve your production and quality goals.

Statistical metrics

It calculates maximum, minimum, average, sums and accumulated curves of any metric on the fly.

Disease prediction

Repeat actions that worked and correct others to improve your production and quality goals.

Station comparison

Contrast the information collected by different stations and serve each area according to your needs.


Periodic reports

You can configure automatic reports, which you will receive by email with the frequency you want. The reports can contain graphs and the weather forecast so that you can do the agroclimatic monitoring of your plots from the email, without accessing Cesens® Application.


Interactive graphics

Set up dynamic graphs easily and readjust curves and time period whenever you want. By clicking on the graph, you will find all the data located at the right time.



Cesens® watches over your crops for you. Configure alerts so that the system alerts you when something relevant happens: risk of disease,water need, frost forecast … you can set alerts based on thresholds of any metric.