Cesens® is an Agro climatic Information System for taking decisions in agriculture
It is based on stations that collect data from crops to get added value information like infection risk or irrigation need.



The agro climatic stations are installed in the cultivation plots and send collected real time data to the cloud platform.



The cloud platform gets data collected from the field and process them, obtaining high value information for the agriculture technicians.



All the Cesens® features and information are available from any kind of device, in any part of the world.


Water, energy and treatment savings

It also improves the quality of the fruit by treating at the the right time and place.


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Numerous studies have shown savings of 30% to 50% in water and energy consumed in irrigation through the use of ICT technologies. Irrigate according to the actual needs of the plant rather than based on a fixed schedule or intuition.

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Precision agriculture not only allows us to save on treatments, but what is even more important, to use them at the most necessary time and place. It achieves higher yields and crop quality.